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Mobile Security

You are not secured until you are secured from endpoint

Mobile security is one of the most essential issues though you have secured your whole infrastructure


Mobile app security is the measure and means of defending mobile device apps from digital fraud in the form of malware, hacking, and other criminal manipulation. To implement mobile app security, technological means alongside personal responses and corporate processes are needed to safeguard digital integrity on mobile devices.

Case study

According to our study, many companies have a poor infrastructure of mobile application security. There is a number of employees without having the proper training for the risks of mobile apps. They don’t have the ability to find out the rouge apps proactively. By downloading the rogue apps, they cause a great loss to your system. Besides, the apps are often downloaded from untrusted sources. Most often they avoid saving passwords. All these hampers companies’ data security and here comes the need for improvements.

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Problem statement

Malware or a device user downloads an unauthorized rogue app that can compromise a mobile application. Both of them are not actually officially launched. So, they stand a high risk of being a victim of digital fraud. This includes…

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Bugsbd offers you the best solution for the problems of mobile application security.  While providing the service, we focus on the best standards and maintain them accordingly. Our Mobile Application Security testing follows the steps below-

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Increase Flexibility

As a business owner, you have multi-dimensional responsibilities and you can not be always present physically in your office. With mobile application security, you can have access to your system from any location with mobile devices. 

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