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Red Team Assessments

Examine your security with real time simulated attack

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A red team assessment is a goal-oriented test of an organization to defend their security in real-time. So, red team assessment is basically a simulated intrusion attack by a group or individual white-hat hacker on an organization without affecting their day to day operation. The attacker will have a certain amount of time to do their test. In this time, they will do everything to find any kind of possible breaches in their system so that they can get access to sensitive information of that organization.

Case Study

Once all the information has been carefully observed by the team then they decide on various types of cyberattacks they feel which are necessary to reveal the weakness and vulnerabilities. But this procedure is done in a more organized way by following a specific list which they will follow to do the attacks. After starting penetration testing they gradually remove those tests which are unnecessary. By doing so the red team system adds in more threat vectors as they deem appropriate. These are some cases example where the tactics of the red team are implemented-

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Problem statement

Red team assessment is generally test detection and response time in real-time, multi-vector attack where a group acts like a cyber attacker tries to break through the defense perimeter. But providing these services to a specific organization it’s very difficult to perform. The red team assessment is a simulating attack. Which means how the attacker sees the organization and attack surface. A red team assessment will test the organization how it connects with the client mainly how the system broadcasts all the information. Cybersecurity threats are evolving every day so it’s very much possible that the network we are using now will be vulnerable in the near futur Read more


The attackers are targeting the huge companies to find their vulnerable points in the system to harm them. For this reason, red team assessment is helping the organizations because they can create a simulation where the white hat hacker can provide the organization what are the vulnerabilities in the system or the network. Red team assessment helps an organization to cope up with the limitation of VAPT assessment this method is believed to analyze the breach but attackers are evolving there method so the organization may face different kinds of malicious attacks. Red team assessment provide the solution that will help any organization -

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This whole process mainly helps to gain knowledge about the organization system is there any kind of backdoor to the system from where it can get compromised. The benefits the organization get from this test are given below –

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