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Endpoint Security

What is SIEM software? How it works and how to choose the right tool

Evolving beyond its log-management roots, today's security information and event management (SIEM) software vendors are introducing machine learning, advanced statistical analysis and other analytic methods to their products.


Endpoint security is a part of network security protecting the corporate networks. Usually, it is used when there are accesses of remote devices such as mobiles, laptops or other wireless devices. Each device creates a potential entry of security threats. Endpoint security is specially designed for securing the endpoints which are created by these devices.Endpoint security is a security framework that comprises of security programming or software’s, situated on a halfway oversaw and available server or gateway inside the system, notwithstanding customer programming being introduced on every one of the endpoints. The server authenticates logins from the registration and also update the device software when it is needed.  

Endpoint security is turning into an increasingly regular IT security capacity and worry as more representatives carry buyer cell phones to work and organizations enable its versatile workforce to utilize these gadgets on the corporate system.

Case Study

The rate of access to data has increased to a great extent by the enterprises and their employees. It is allowed to the employees of many companies to bring their own devices. All these are the causes behind increasing the number of threats in using mobile devices. This rate of excessive access creates multiple endpoint vulnerabilities. Employees who work from home or connects to the Wi-Fi also invite endpoint vulnerabilities. 

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Problem statement

Security breach coming from the network is a common instance in the past. But, threats are coming from the endpoints day by day. It indicates that centralized network protection is not effective anymore. Shifting security perimeters are not always helpful if they remain the same. Any lacks appearing in them should be solved. Otherwise, it creates great havoc. The use of remote devices has different access points. These access points increase the chances of vulnerabilities in the system. 

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Nowadays endpoint security is giving these solutions-

Protection from threats spread via email:

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It is beneficial for any company to use an endpoint security solution. The endpoint security solutions we provide are replete with so many benefits. They are- 

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