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Vulnerability Assessment

Assessment increases sense of security and enforce to reduce vulnerabilities

By assessing your system infrastructure, you can be ahead towards the secure digital environment


Vulnerability Assessment is also known as Vulnerability Testing. It’s a software testing type performed to assess the security risks in the software system in order to diminish the probability of a threat or danger. Vulnerabilities are mistakes or weaknesses in any system’s security procedures, design, implementation or any internal control. It often results in a violation of the system's security policy. In other words, the possibility for bad guys (hackers) to have unauthorized access. Vulnerability Analysis depends upon two mechanisms specifically Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). VAPT is a combination of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Case study

The vulnerabilities in a system make the business environment insecure and it is open to the cybercriminals. According to the Global Investor Survey by PwC in 2018, the investors consider cyberattacks as one of the most dangerous threats to the business after over-regulation and terrorism. There are many instances of attacks due to vulnerability in the system. Some of them include phishing, shadow IT, crypto mining,  ransomware, mismanaged cloud servers, etc. There is hardly any company without facing threats because of vulnerability.

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Problem statements

While running a business, you must know where the vulnerabilities are there. Data is the most important asset in your business and you can not afford to lose them. The vulnerability can leak your data to the others’ hands and you never want that. The leakage of your data may have further consequences like unauthorized access, compromising operations and putting people’s financial stability at risk. So, what are the vulnerabilities on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Some mentionable ones are here-

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 Vulnerability assessment is the best solution for the occurring problems in your system. The best vulnerability assessment solution can find out the types of flaws in your system. For the best output of the solution, it has to follow a patterned workflow. The solution has its own methodology to provide outstanding results. Here is a glimpse of its methodology-

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Already you have estimated the loss that vulnerability can cause to any company. So it is a wise decision to have a vulnerability assessment solution in your system. The benefits of this are immense. Some of them are here for your consideration- 

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