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Next Generation Firewall

What is SIEM software? How it works and how to choose the right tool

Evolving beyond its log-management roots, today's security information and event management (SIEM) software vendors are introducing machine learning, advanced statistical analysis and other analytic methods to their products.


The third generation firewall technology has come forward with its latest technology in the name of the Next-generation firewall. It is implemented in either hardware or software. In all the levels like the application, port, and protocol, it is able to detect and block sophisticated attacks. It is capable of combining itself with a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functionalities to enforce security. Next-generation firewall integrates at least three basic functionalities: enterprise firewall capabilities, an intrusion prevention system and application control.

Case study

Bugsbd is in the continuous quest in search of modern cyberattacks and advanced hacking methodologies. The result of this research is that they are getting more and more sophisticated day by day. The traditional firewall alone can not fight the modern threats anymore. The low profiled earlier firewall versions are not expert enough to find differences in many web traffic. For this reason, the earlier firewalls were allowed to choose only one between accepting or rejecting the traffic. Its ports, protocols and IP addresses based protection seem to be outdated now.

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Problem statement

The companies now face many web-based malware attacks that are relevantly new. Applications are being exploited by intrusion attempts. Undetected malicious emails or phishing schemes are spreading over the network. How threatening they are can be known when we open them. Many problems occur because of the imbalance of rules in maintaining website and application usage within a network. The older IP address-based firewalls lose the fight against all of these problems. They don’t have deeper inspection capabilities and better control over the network.

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As per the occurring problems of not having the upgraded firewall is severe, Bugsbd develops the NGFW that contains the most initial features. They are-  

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The traditional firewalls have lost their appeals because they could not provide you what you need. On the other hand, NGFW provides you a wide range of benefits. Some of them are as follows-

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