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DNS Security

What is SIEM software? How it works and how to choose the right tool

Evolving beyond its log-management roots, today's security information and event management (SIEM) software vendors are introducing machine learning, advanced statistical analysis and other analytic methods to their products.


The internet works with having maintained a kind of phonebook. This phonebook’s name is the Domain Name System (DNS). Computers, services, or any resources that are connected to the internet or any private network are maintained by the DNS. At first, people access information online through domain names. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used by the Web browsers to interact. By translating the domain names to IP addresses, DNS helps the browsers to load internet resources. It eliminates human efforts to memorize the hard domain names and IP addresses. 

Case study

Without DNS, web traffic does not go to the appropriate destination. The regular traffic flow is interrupted here. The attackers ensure enough threat by taking control of the DNS. by doing so, they infect and extract highly sensitive data from the system. Many companies have become the victim of cyber attacks due to using a limited amount of DNS servers. This weak infrastructure of the company is vulnerable to volumetric attacks. An excessive amount of traffic may result in crashing the server down. Much other loss it occurs is the extraction of passwords, usernames, and other personal information.

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Problem statement

Without using the DNS system properly, the companies face immense problems. The first one is the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. In this, multiple systems are being compromised by malware. An increasing number of traffic volumes ultimately result in crashing the server and cause a loss of revenue. Day by day they are becoming more sophisticated. An amplification attack is another form of attack in the DNS system. While performing this type of attack, the attackers target smaller queries. They make them bigger. It is a reflection attack that floods public DNS with multiple UDP (user datagram protocol) packets. 

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For making the DNS system more effective, the developers at first convert a specific hostname into a computer-friendly IP address. Each device on the internet gets an IP address. This address is the most important key to find the appropriate Internet device. It can be compared to a street address that is used to find a particular home. A translation should occur between what a user types into their web browser when a user wants to load a webpage. As the address is machine-friendly, it is capable of locating the webpage. For this DNS resolution, it is very i Read more


Going through the problems of not having the appropriate DNS system, you are definitely in the need of the best DNS. Bugsbd is here to help you in this regard. Our solutions provide you a bunch of solutions. Some of them are mentioned below- 

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