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Source Code Review

Reviewing source code enriches your application functionality

By source code review you can mitigate your vulnerabilities from core functions


Source code security analysis (source code review) is the examination of an application source code to find errors overlooked in the initial development phase. A code analyzer is used by the tester to scan line-by-line the code of an application. After deploying the analyzer in the environment, the pentester manually tries to eliminate the found vulnerabilities.

Case study

The tool is very important for companies. Many of them have faced immense threats for not using this tool. Their system was under attack because of increased risks for not using the tool. By forgetting the proper keyboard navigation, screen reader accessibility, flexibility for internationalization and friendly, non-JavaScript behavior, they made their systems open for the attackers. The less the codes’ efficiency, the more vulnerable they are. A single point of failure can not be avoided without this.  

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Problem statement

There are many problems occurring for not having the appropriate source code review. Four of the major vulnerabilities are- Encryption errors, SQL injection, XSS vulnerabilities, Buffer overflows and Race conditions. The first problem includes weak encryption algorithms, as well as strong encryption algorithms with weak implementation (e.g., insecure key storage). When more data is put into the buffer than it can handle, it causes buffer overflows. Race conditions happen when more than one operation is performed at the same time.

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For the best output of the source code review, it is built keeping in mind some main goals. They are-  

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When you start using source code review as a tool, you are going to get the benefits below-

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