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Email Security

What is SIEM software? How it works and how to choose the right tool

Evolving beyond its log-management roots, today's security information and event management (SIEM) software vendors are introducing machine learning, advanced statistical analysis and other analytic methods to their products.


Email is the most popular mean of communication nowadays. But the dark side of this famous medium is that it is vulnerable to threats like unauthorized access, loss or compromise. Email security is the safeguard keeping you protected against those threats. It is the sum-up of different techniques keeping sensitive information in the email safe. Among the variant forms of attacks, spreading malware, spam and phishing attacks are the most common ones. To entice recipients, hackers use deceptive messages. As a result, the recipients are forced to open attachments or click on hyperlinks. Their sensitive data is stolen as they install malware on their devices. Attackers also target email to get access to a company’s network and steal important company data. 

Email security works by email encryption. This process encrypts or disguises the email contents in a way that only the intended recipients are allowed to read potentially sensitive information. Authentication is often included in email encryption. 

Case Study

 From the very beginning, email is possibly easy to open and to have access. The designers made it by keeping this in mind. It accelerates the communication of the people within the companies and with other companies. This feature of email makes it insecure. Many companies have become victim of attacks related to email. The attackers do this to gain profit. The companies pay less attention to the security issue of the email but they are more dependant on them. This lack of security allows the attackers to perform notorious attacks like sophisticated targeted attacks, or business email compromise (BEC). Hackers exploit email to steal sensitive information.  

For its open format, emails can be viewed and intercepted by anyone. When companies send confidential or sensitive information through email, the attackers take the chance to intercept it. They can read confidential data and does great harm to the company. The less the email security measures, the easier it is for the attackers to have access to your system. 

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Problem Statement

First of all, the initial measures to secure emails in the enterprise and individual level. So, they fall behind in securing their emails from both common attacks and unauthorized access to accounts.Attackers send destructive malware via email. The phishing emails used by the hackers quite look like legitimate documents. They also include hyperlinks leading the recipients to websites containing malware. A simple email attachment or link may not look so dangerous from its first appearance. But when the recipients click on them, their accounts and devices get Read more


One of the best possible solutions to stay safe from email attacks is implementing a secure email gateway. It scans and processes both incoming and outgoing emails. It stops the threats in the initial stage. This standard security measure can block the bad file attachments. A multi-layered approach in an email gateway is capable of stopping sophisticated attacks. When an email encryption solution is automated, it can analyze all outbound email traffic. It can detect sensitive materials. If any sensitivity is detected, it should be encrypted before sending it to the recipient. It stops the attackers to have a view on the emails. It is also a great choice to train your employees on the usage of emai Read more


The benefits of email security is beggar description. Some of them are mentioned below for your consideration. 

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